Greywall Marketing


Greywall Marketing is a Belgian marketing and IT company, a provider of digital marketing services and web development headquartered in Hasselt, Belgium. Greywall Marketing was founded in December of 2020 with the goal of unlocking the maximum potential of local businesses.

 First started with local small businesses in Belgium and soon expanded the customer base to the west coast of the United States. Now focused on providing fast, reliable and quality services to businesses in Europe and North America. Also providing services to the largest telecom and energy companies in Belgium by generating leads.

"Providing services for the largest telecom and energy companies in Belgium"


Marketing is one of the biggest success factors of a company in the 21st century. There is a huge number of competitors in the business world. And we want to help companies unlock their full potential with our marketing strategies. Our main motivation is to increase the market share of passionate entrepreneurs/companies.

Vision - The Future

We strive to become the marketing agency for the largest companies in the US and the Benelux. And thus create a path between these 2 regions with Hasselt as Headquarters. In the future Greywall Marketing will be acquired by HGroup, to create an ecosystem of businesses. HGroup is a conglomerate of e-commerce, marketing, food and transport companies based in the Netherlands.


Besides our client base in Europe and North America, we are working on numerous projects and collaborations. We will release more information and give updates about these projects when it’s possible.